Nuwara Eliya

Welcome to one of the highest points of Sri Lanka – also known as the ‘city of light’, Nuwara Eliya has been a keen point of interest for almost 2 centuries, replete with the memorabilia that the British left behind after the island gained independence in 1948. From its range of tea estates to its all-adored golf club, Nuwara Eliya has so much in store to offer to the nature lover who’s always seeking sights of captivating flora and fauna, day in and day out.


Head to the Horton Plains National Park, the prime wildlife sanctuary in Nuwara Eliya that consists of montane grassland as its terrain. A long hike shall wind itself through Baker’s Falls and lead you to World’s End, a cliff that features an awe-inspiring spectacle of the many valleys and peaks of the country.


“Green, green everywhere – Nuwara Eliya’s tea plantations were spirals of impeccably pruned bushes that teemed with much life and splendour.”

  • Don’t be surprised if you see British-style architecture in some of the antique buildings here at Nuwara Eliya – once this hill country was discovered by Sir Samuel Baker, British colonies had set their empires here during the 19th Since then, the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club has been active too, and still continues to serve dedicated golf players till date.
  • Amidst its tea plantations, Nuwara Eliya pays homage to three flagship waterfalls:


(i) St. Clair’s – the widest of its kind in the country, also known as the ‘Little Niagara of Sri Lanka’,

(ii) Aberdeen – named after the Scottish city of Aberdeen,

(iii) Devon – easily accessible from Talawakele.

Similar to how the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens thrive in Kandy owing to the city’s cool climate, the Hakgala Gardens are no exception to this rule either as its high altitude of 1745m above sea level present weather patterns that are refreshing enough for a large range of biodiversity to bountifully teem with life.


Initially begun as a premise to encourage Cinchona cultivation, the Hakgala Gardens are now a major tourist attraction where the Madulsima and Namunukula mountain ranges overlook this plush lawn’s greenery.


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