Sri Lanka is also a land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty due to its compactness. Along the coast, visitors can explore amazing beaches, safari tours, guided walks through ancient cities, experience the culture and bit of modern Sri Lanka. We welcome you to find your unique Sri Lankan travel experience.


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AYUBOWAN’ means in Sinhalese “We wish you a long life” and with these greetings we extend our warmest welcome you to our beautiful Paradise Island SRI LANKA.

We thank you for selecting Sri Lanka as your holiday destination where you will discover and explore and enjoy the extraordinary travel experience and the Sri Lankan hospitality for which we have tailor-made your travel itinerary package to offer you an insight into the Sri Lankan culture, taking you to sites that have rich and glorious history, the breath-taking landscapes as you journey through the hill country, the climatic difference within this small country which changes from 3 hours‟ drive from one location to another, where you feel very warm in the Northern areas and as you go up to the central hills where it is cool and mild, and when you reach the hills in Nuwara Eliya passing through the lush green tea fields ,the climate is like the „spring in England‟ and which is why Nuwara Eliya is called “the Little England” We offer you to experience some of the best, warm, sun-kissed, golden beaches in the world on your stay in the coastal area beach hotels. You will also have the opportunity to learn about all the spices, how they grow, where they grow, most of which you use at home. Also you will learn about Lapidary, the rarest kinds of precious stones only found in Sri Lanka and watch some arts and craft (which we offer you as an educational treat)

Sri Lanka is incredibly fertile and a great producer of many varieties of exotic fruits almost all round the year. Sri Lanka also has been for many centuries the spice producer for many countries in the world, mainly famous for Cinnamon, Pepper and Cardamoms. Sri Lanka is also the most popular country for producing the best tea in the whole world.

WILD LIFE – There are many wild life sanctuaries in Sri Lanka and out of which Yala National Park has a large forest area which consist of 6900 hectares and Yala National Park is the most visited second largest National Park in Sri Lanka.

TRAIN JOURNEY – A journey through the clouds, mist, the trees and the beautiful landscape. This is one of the most exciting journeys where you travel through beautiful and breathtaking landscapes which makes your holiday a dream come true and something you will cherish throughout your life time because this is the most beautiful „train trip in the world‟ . This is a very slow moving train the journey takes you 3 hours. From Nanuoya to reach your final destination, in Ella.


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